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WE HAVE HISTORY! We are a small family owned and operated business with a 41 year history of excellence & customer service. But we aren’t old school, we keep up with the latest trends in framing and conservation. 

WE PROVIDE QUALITY! We know how to preserve your art, but not every piece of art requires drastic measures. We use sensible solutions for framing your art. Solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget so your carefully curated home looks fantastic and ultimately reflects you. 

WE ARE JUST PLAIN AWESOME! Not to toot our own horn or anything but we don't have just anyone working here. Our designers are trained in handling your art and we LOVE what we do. The atmosphere here is comfortable and we want every customers to leave happy with their experience. 
Pam, Owner
Framing for 41 Years
Nicole, Manager
Framing for 11 years
Teresa, Designer
Framing for 4 years
Bryan, Designer
Framing for 10 years
Debbie, Designer
Framing for 4 years